I want to cum like that!

Advanced training for the sissy slut. Now that she has been addicted to wearing women’s clothing, makeup, perfume and feeling and acting like a woman, she needs to get accustomed to having a cock in her bottom. This is best done after a few weeks of abstinence to maximize her desire. Abstinence with a butt plug and a cock cage works well. After the lengthy abstinence from orgasm she will come without anything touching her cock. After a few times of having this, make it  a rule that she doesn’t come any other way than with a real cock in her bottom. She will then peruse real men’s cocks with a passion in order to satisfy her desire to be filled. A true sissy slut will be born once more. If the wife is cuckolding she will now have a partner to hunt bulls with. Watch out though for the competition as a fully feminized male can be quite assertive at getting cock and the wife may miss out on a few herself.




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